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August 2016 - Latest News

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cornice ideas

With plaster home products there is a scope for exercising the creative genius inside you. Using cornices, bands, ceiling rosettes, rings, panels you can have a result that is unique to your home. A very special picture frame, a ceiling border, dado rails, faux picture rails, that sets your home apart from the rest, a special section of your home that seems to be in no-man’s land that needs a lift. Whatever you do can be then enhanced even more with simple painting strategies. Think outside the box and see what you can create that is special to you.

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Prize Projects

University of NSW - Law Faculty

University of NSW - Law Faculty Ceiling

Design required - an ultra modern look, but also good acoustical sound barrier qualities. Combining striking colours including purples & greens projecting a calming yet energetic feel to the building, combined with vertical timber panels added depth and an artistic overview.

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Plaster Talk … Egg & Dart…

Cornice BCC 297

BCC 297

Cornice BCC 297

M 046

The Egg & Dart is an ornamental moulding enhancement to architectural pieces. It consists of a half egg shape alternating with a dart, tongue or anchor shape. The decoration goes back at least to ancient Greece times usually found as part of the capitals on top of columns. The neo-classical period around the 18th century saw a revival of some forms of ancient architecture

Decorating on a Budget

Renovators and Redecorators take note.

You want to make your home look great but you don’t have one of those “money trees” with endless “fruit” on it. On our website just click on Cornice then Value Range and you’ll have a choice of nearly 100 designs at prices less than $8.50 per metre. You won’t do better.

Looking for Ceiling Rosettes? There is a selection of 23 different rosettes for less than $65.00. All top quality materials and workmanship.See our Value Range Centres here

University of NSW - Scientia Building

Scientia Building Ceiling

Designers originally wanted to use MDF board to create this unusual and distinctive design, but turned to fibrous plaster after realizing the versatility and capability of the product. 13 flat paneled sections in progressively increasing sizes were crafted to join together, then all aligned to architectural specification to then mirror itself boat shape along the ceiling.

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