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Heritage Ceiling Moulding by Bailey Interiors - Décor Moulding to standard Interior Mouldings.

Interior ceiling moulding is just a small piece of any room. At most times, we barely notice it, except to take note of the especially loud or out of place designs that can’t fail to grab attention. Interior ceiling moulding done right, however, elevates the space without distracting. You’d be unlikely to notice the difference while it’s there but, take away that feature, and the room assuredly will look worse.

This kind of plaster accent can serve a few purposes, from hiding the joint between the walls and the ceiling, to adding style, or tying together different architectural elements across a room or even rooms.
The quality of the plasterwork makes all the difference.

Finding Quality Interior Moulding

When it comes to home decor, we’ve all got our favourite styles. After all, the whole point of decorating a room is to bring it in line with our own tastes and preferences. Regardless of what style preferences you’re operating under, quality is one dimension with which everyone can agree. For high quality plasterwork, Bailey Interiors is the way to go.


Heritage Moulding and Historical Restoration

In addition to providing fashionable pieces for modern homes, Bailey Interiors also works to restore and preserve historic buildings. As part of our dedication to protecting the art of plaster, we offer a range of heritage designs based on historical pieces with timeless elegance. Our work on historical restoration gives us a detailed knowledge of how to reproduce these styles faithfully.

Contact us now to find out more about how Bailey decor can help upgrade your home today, bringing classic styles to life right in your living room with heritage pieces and recreations. You’ll get award-winning service and phenomenal results no matter what style you decide is right for your home.