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Accentutate The Heritage Features Of Your Home With An Interior Arch

An interior arch can be challenging to pull off. Maybe you think this kind of architectural feature would look perfect on a current building project but aren’t sure where to start. Let Bailey Interiors help! We’ve designed and installed many arches and, no matter what your project looks like, we can create the perfect arch for you.


An Interior Arch in Any Style

One of the most exciting things about being top of the line plaster craftsmen is sharing the rich history of this material with so many people in different contexts. At Bailey Interior, we’ve worked with a wide range of styles. You can read about the characteristics of each style here.


After an Interior Arch? What’s Next?

There’s a lot more you can do with decorative plaster! Once you’ve decided to add Bailey Interiors arches to a project, why stop there? Plaster can be used to create many different creative accents and ornaments that add class to any room.

Bailey Interiors is a third-generation manufacturer of beautiful decorative plaster. Providing some of the highest quality plasterwork in Australia, from small ornamental pieces to innovative panel designs, we can add something beautiful to any building project.