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Cornice Choice

Choosing the right cornice can be a challenge

If you follow our handy guide below, your choice will be made easier

Do you like it?

Taste is highly subjective. Is your style modern, contemporary and minimalist? Do you prefer a more ornate and decorative classical style? Either way the, the choice is ultimately up to you to decide. You have to give your room the character you wish to achieve. A good starting point would be to refer to our cornice styles

Height matters

the “look” of cornices will change, based on The height of the room. The higher the ceiling in a room the bigger the cornice you can use. BEWARE! Large cornice used in rooms with low ceilings will create an out of proportion effect and appear to shrink the room. As a general guideline:

  • Large cornices - 200mm (8 inches) or more
    Tend to be used when the ceilings are 4.3 metres (14 foot) or higher
  • Medium cornices - between 90mm - 120mm (3.5 – 5 inches)
    Are recommended when the ceilings are above 2.75 metres (9 foot)
  • Small cornices - between 50mm – 70mm (2 – 2.75 inch)
    Are perfect for ceilings lower then 2.75 metres (ie less than 9 foot). Smaller cornices are also great for rooms with tall units like for example kitchens or bathrooms.

Size matters

There are four measurements to consider when buying a cornice.

  1. Drop - vertical measurement from the ceiling down the wall
  2. Projection - horizontal measurement from the wall across the ceiling
  3. Width - diagonal measurment across the face of the cornice
  4. Length - horizontal measurement along wall

To make it easier for you we have provided downloadable pdf, 1 to 1 scale profile drawings of every individual cornice in our range.


How much light does your room get? If your room is dark with small windows, its probably best to keep cornices simple and elegant. There's not much point choosing a highly ornate cornice it can't be appreciated due to low lghting conditions.

Painting and decorative finishes applied to cornice surfaces can also have a significant effect due to lighting. Matt finish paints hides imperfections whereas semi-gloss and gloss finishes can highlight imperfections. Light colours are also less likely to show imperfections compared to dark colours.

Other interior decorating features

Sometimes the style of your cornice is set by existing features in your space. Perhaps your room is within a 1930s Art Deco apartment, with Art Deco style features? May be you live in a federation cottage with leadlight windows and high ceilings?

Whatever your situation, you can never go wrong while looking for inspiration within the existing architectural features in your room or building

Minimalist or Classical?

Modern or Heritage

Choose your Cornice Style Below


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