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Cornice Styles

A summary of decorative styles and characteristic descriptions since European settlement in Australia.


Australian architecture timeline

Australian architecture was strongly influenced by British designs as a result of European Settlement in 1788.

Colonial and Georgian architecture is seen in early government buildings and the homes of the wealthy.

Gothic Revival architecture which featured pointed arches, turrets, battlements and gothic ornaments could also be found on bank, insurance offices, university buildings and homes.

Victorian architecture allowed greater displays of prosperity through rich and ornate decorative features such as cast iron lace work and slate roofs as a reult of the Australian gold rushes.

The Federation architecture style of the turn of the 20th century, featured European Baroque elements as well as Australiana themes. It was less ornate as Tudor-style woodwork and fretwork replaced wrought iron.

Art Deco and Modern minimalist styles of the late 20th century rejected the classical origins of European architecture.


The Modern, contemporary cornice style reflects anything that is currently popular today. It is characterised by plain styles consisting of straight sharp lines and right angles or even no pattern at all. If this is the style you are looking for we have put together a range of

Plain and Modern cornices here
plain cornice


Example of a stepped or shadowline cornice


The Colonial style is simple, symmetric and elegant. Cornices are characterised by soft curves, multiple fine lines and wave patterns. In many ways this is a very elegant and timeless style that will never date.

Colonial cornices here

Art Deco

The 1930s Art Deco Style has an understated elegance with the use of geometric motifs . Diamonds, Triangles, Bold Squares, Layered Shapes and Vertical Lines all help create this ultra retro style.

Art Deco cornices here


Victorian home architecture incorporates various styles ranging from classic facades and Georgian styles to extremely ornate and decorative embellishments. “More of everything” was a trademark of the era. We have sub-divided our Victorian range as follows: 


Highly ornate leaf patterns and sometimes flower patterns in this somewhat detailed style. View our flower and leaf motif

Victorian cornices here


The Paddington style consists of multiple lines and deep coves typically found in terrace homes of the era.

Paddington cornice range here


Chain and drape designs consisting of medalions, bows, urns with leafy chain details joining the pattern together, were inspired by the European classical style.

Federation cornice collection here
Federation cornice


Australiana feature of Waratah


Dentil patterns, together with egg and dart designs create this very eye catching style.

Georgian cornice range here
Georgian cornice


Egg & Dart ornamentation - consists of a half egg shape alternating with a dart shape

Georgian cornice


Dentil - repeated square ornament

Neo Gothic

A Range of diverse shapes that create overlapping patterns, are the rare but unique style of the Neo Gothic era.

Neo Gothic cornice range here
Neo Gothic cornice


Repeated pointed arch pattern

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